Review System



Hello there!  Every movie that I review will be graded in 4 categories: Quality, Continuity, Character Performances, and Shock level. Each with 25 points, all adding up to 100 total Spine-Chiller points.

  • Quality: whether or not the CGI is good, and does everything look real and not cheap.
  • Continuity: does the story make sense plot wise? And is the timeline questionable or not?
  • Character Performances: are the actors and actresses well known? Are they good at their role? Do they make their character seem believable by their performance?
  • Shock Level: are there any terrifying jumpscares? Are you hiding under a blanket the entire time, and if so is it okay and not too bad to be able to finish it?

I was originally going to do 5 categories, including Gore, but I decided to leave that out, since I believe that every movie has a specific type of gore that makes sense to it. So rating them all on gore didn’t make sense. I will let you know about the gore, if it stands out, separately from the Spine-Chiller points. 


The Wish List point system, has different categories, reflecting how I choose movies to watch. The 5 Wish List categories: Description, Trailer, People, Survey, and How I Feel. Each has 20 points, all adding up to 100 Spine-Chiller points. Here is a breakdown of the 4 first categories:

Breakdown of the 5 Wish List categories:

  • Description: does the wikipedia description make it intriguing?
  • Trailer: is the trailer spooky and enticing?
  • People: who is in this movie? Are they well known?
  • Survey: do people say this movie is good or bad? What do others think about this movie, and is it worth watching from what they say?
  • How I Feel: my general in take from what I’ve heard or my background knowledge on how good or bad I think it might be.

Hope this is as clear as mud for you!