My first movie review is for THE CONJURING. This movie is excellent and very spooky! The first time I ever heard of it was when I was on vacation with my family in Mexico. One night we were looking through different channels in our hotel room and we came across a channel that was playing The Conjuring 2. It was really good, so when we got back home, I looked it up and found the first movie is on Netflix. I watched The Conjuring right away and I absolutely loved it, so the next day I went on to watch the second movie which isn’t as good as the first to be honest.

The movie focuses on a family, the mother (Lili Taylor) and father (Ron Livingston.)  As well as the five daughters Andrea Perron (Shanley Caswell), Nancy Perron (Hayley McFarland), Christine Perron (Joey King), Cynthia “Cindy” Perron (Mackenzie Foy), and April Perron (Kyla Deaver.) And of course you can’t count out their dog Sadie.

The family moves into a  farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Everything is normal except that Sadie, their dog refuses to come inside. The girls find an odd door that opens to a basement with a bunch of discarded items  from the “previous owners.” It seems pretty normal down there for the most part, until its not. The mom notices that the clocks all stop at a certain time. Later on in the movie (Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren) and (Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren) come to investigate. They are “demonologists” or paranormal investigators checking out the house as part of their research.

That is all I am going to say now let’s go over why I like this movie. Well, the main reason for my liking is all the jump scares. I was constantly hiding and screaming which is always a fun time.

Pros: The paranormal investigators are real people. Lorraine and Ed Warren have both dedicated their lives to the paranormal and have a museum with artifacts from their conquests. The fact that this is a true story which has happened before makes it all the more creepy. My friend watched it with me and had a panic attack later that evening. Her parents also banned her from watching any horror movies because it was so bad. This fact makes me like the movie even more since it was that scary!

Cons: The fact that it is rated R because most parents wouldn’t want their children to watch a horror movie like this and children have to have their parents with them. It is such a good movie and only being able to watch with your parents and not alone with your friends is a bit of a con.

Final Take: On my horror fanatic movie scale I rate The Conjuring with 80/100 spine-chiller points. I recommend this movie if you are looking for a terrifying, eerie, semi-gross horror movie to watch with your friends at night if you dare. Although watching it during the day will still scare you to death once the sun goes down! But I promise if you aren’t a wimp you will not have any nightmares. I don’t, even though images of some horrifying scenes do pop up late at night when I’m trying to sleep, this movie won’t keep you awake… much!

Well that’s all for this review of The Conjuring. Tune in next time for another horror movie review on PRIME TIME HORROR


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