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This is the second review on my blog, and I have reserved it for a great horror movie! Happy Death Day! The first time I saw this movie was in the theatre the weekend after it came out! I went to see it with one of my best friends Anna! Being the first ever real horror movie I’ve ever seen in a theatre—I was very excited! A second installment, Happy Death Day 2, just came out on Valentine’s Day, February 14th! I will be reviewing that movie as well so stay tuned!

In Happy Death Day, a popular, attractive college student “Tree” short for Teresa (Jessica Rothe) wakes up on her birthday, September 18th, in a strange boys dorm room. The young man, Carter (Israel Broussard) gave the hungover Tree tylenol and watched as she scrambled out of the room, running into his roommate Ryan (Phi Vu), on her way out.

She walks the campus to her sorority house and everything seems normal. Soon they introduce several main characters such as Tree’s roommate Lori Spengler (Ruby Modine), a Kappa sister Danielle (Rachel Matthews), a guy Tree went on a date with once Tim (Caleb Spillyards), and Tree’s professor Gregory (Charles Aitken).

Later, as she walks through campus to a party, she gets murdered by someone in a baby mask, the school’s mascot. She then wakes up in Carter’s dormroom again and goes through the same series of events that occured the last time she woke up there. Some of these include a weird dude checking her out, an environmental activist, a car alarm going off, random sprinklers turning on, and a frat boy passing out. Okay so you should probably know if you’ve seen the trailers or the actual movie itself, that Tree keeps dying over and over again until she eventually finds out who the killer is.

While this movie does have some pretty rad jump scares, there are also many different aspects to it. You get to see some heartfelt moments with Tree’s father (Jason Bayle), there are many comedic aspects, as well as intense moments that make you think. It isn’t just another slasher film. I like the movie’s originality and found it far more enjoyable than others in the genre.  

Pros: I love the fact that this movie mimics Groundhog Day (1993). Also the major twist in the end is very exciting!

Cons: I know that this movie probably was hard to make due to all of the important little parts that had to be on point all the time to make it very realistic that she was reliving the same day. Although sometimes during the movie lines were altered or Tree’s memory was a little bit different from what it previously was, which is kind of annoying but nobody’s perfect and I get that nothing could be fully 100% the exact same in the end.

Final Take: On my horror fanatic movie scale I rate Happy Death Day with 90/100 spine-chiller points. I recommend this movie if you’re looking for a lighter movie that still meets all horror expectations, from which you will definitely laugh, jump, think, and maybe cry while watching! This movie is really good. It actually blew my mind and left  me wanting more. After seeing it at the movies with my friend I waited until it came out on Amazon and I bought it. Since then I have watched it a few additional times and loved it at each viewing. I 100% recommend seeing this movie and then the second movie right away! You will love it!

Well that’s all for this review of Happy Death Day. Tune in next time for another horror movie review on PRIME TIME HORROR


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