Today’s review is all about Prom Night. This movie is so stressful but in a good, thrilling way! Before sitting down to eat dinner with my dad to watch tonight’s film, I had to make a decision on whether we were going to watch Prom Night or Down (which once I watch I will make a review of, so stay tuned for that.) Since I promised my dad we would watch Prom Night, that’s what we did. I had my thoughts on how it was going to be and let me tell you this movie is not what I expected for a PG-13 movie. Let’s get into it!

The movie summed up is about high school students (Brittany Snow as Donna Keppel,) (Scott Porter as Bobby), (Jessica Stroup as Claire,) (Kelly Blatz as Michael,) (Dana Davis as Lisa Hines,) and (Collins Pennie as Ronnie Heflin.) They are going to their prom but little do they know that a killer (Johnathon Schaech as Richard Fenton) is on the loose and looking to kill anyone that gets in his way from seeing Donna. In the end there is a standoff with Donna and Richard as well as (Idris Elba as Detective Winn.) This movie was made in 2008 and directed by Nelson McCormick. The duration of the movie is Richard stalking Donna at her prom which is held in a huge hotel filled with many rooms where he could be hiding. It is very intense and I found myself biting my nails a lot worrying about the characters. The scenes involving unsuspecting victims walking slowly asking if anyone was there slayed me. The tension was unbearable! It was always so quiet and the camera would follow the victim slowly which always makes it more intense!

Pros: the death scenes were well thought out and super scary!

Cons: the ending is just sort of disappointing, because they catch the killer and Donna is fine. The movie just ends there. I wish that they had more of a resolution, or maybe a months later scene or something other than just finishing it.

Final Take: On my horror fanatic movie scale I rate Prom Night with 85/100 spine-chiller points. I recommend this movie.

Well that’s all for this review of Prom Night. Tune in next time for another horror movie review on PRIME TIME HORROR


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